2017 Staffing Trends: The Halfway Mark Answers

What do we see that is shaping the staffing trends this year? What do recruiters see as top priorities? What are the biggest opportunities in 2017? What are the biggest challenges? Keep reading for all the answers and more on our take of the 2017 staffing trends this far.

2016 wrapped up to be a great year for staffing firms and the hiring sector in general, with 80 percent of companies closing the year with foreseeable revenue increases. Why the optimism? The spike in contract-work placements paired with companies facing talent shortages in niche specializations. In other words, once you find a recruiting firm that works, stick with them! Same goes for staffing firms with excellent clients – it’s expected that most staffing firms will generate more than half of their revenue in 2017 from repeat clients. And let us speak from experience – it’s true! (We love our clients!)

Now for priorities in our 2017 staffing trends: profitability, revenue and the talent shortage (in that order). No shock here, recruiters stay “closest to the money” – meaning we rely on our clients that have our backs like we have theirs. Not a real surprising statement. However, we are continuing to see the growth of the talent shortage in each market. Candidate acquisition and sourcing remain high on our list. The key here is to keep a dense pipeline full of solid A-player candidates in each of your skill sets. We make this top priority among our specialized recruiting teams – and it has indeed worked to our benefit in 2017.

The shortage of the talent pool has also led to prioritizing of roles and working with medium-sized companies. With executives focused more on revenue growth than production roles, employment brand development and marketing have become high priority. When it comes to our role in this, we have seen a spike in IT development jobs that help to support these creative-based positions.

The best 2017 staffing trend: our obstacles ARE our opportunities! 2017 has shaped up to be an excellent year for the recruiting industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s been an easier year. As mentioned previously, the talent shortage continues to be an “obstacle.” However, it has also become our biggest opportunity to dissect and own the entire Atlanta IT recruiting market. We’ve implemented skill-set focused recruiting teams to help grow candidate pipelines and relationships.

Another concern notably mentioned involves companies leveraging technology to improve business operations and expand their VMS model. Luckily for us, we are an IT staffing company, so technology is our middle name. However, on the VMS side-of-things, we feel the pain – but who doesn’t? Nothing too big to stand in the way of matching great people with great opportunities.

We’ve now come full-circle on our questions and answers. We hope this article was insightful and helpful in understanding where the recruiting industry sits this far into 2017. If you want more information regarding these topics, or to see what Agile is does about these trends, call us – we’re here to help!

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