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  • Equal Opportunity Employer Guide – What does it mean, and how does it affect your hiring practices? Read  Here
  • Streamline Hiring with AI – How to best implement AI hiring prompts. Read Here

Attracting Talent

  • Understanding Employer Branding: What is your employer brand, and how can it improve your talent attraction? Read Here

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Videos from Industry Experts

Unleash the Potential of Your Workforce Ecosystem (and Treat People Like People!)

Do you ever feel like the language we use around staffing is stuck in the past? This webinar dives into the concept of a workforce ecosystem, and how the way we talk about contingent workers can actually impact your employer brand and talent pipeline. Join industry experts Ashley Wilson, Angela Westhead, and John Healy as they discuss:

  • Why it’s important to ditch dehumanizing terms like “heads” and “temps”
  • How to reimagine the language around staffing for a more human-centric approach
  • Creative ways to brand your contingent workforce for a more inclusive environment

Join Gerry Gadoury, author of “Destination Employer” and founder of Redbeard Solutions, and Shilvi Leinwand, founder of Satya Advisors, to discuss effective employer branding and recruitment strategies. They delve into defining employer brands, tackling common pitfalls, and offering practical advice on building and placing an authentic and appealing employer brand. The conversation highlights the importance of aligning brand messages with company culture and adapting to the diverse expectations of a multi-generational workforce, providing valuable tips for hiring managers and leaders.