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Agile’s technology recruiters and staff are committed to our clients, our candidates, and one another. We deliver more than top talent – our aim is to provide a positive experience every day to everyone with whom we work. Get to know our team, and then explore our IT recruiting services and how we support job seekers

Matthew – May092019_0881 – cropped

I came to Agile because of the great people and the culture of trust that has been built by the leadership team. The work environment is second to none and it makes coming to work every day a pleasure. I quickly found out that the people at Agile are very caring and want you to succeed.


National President of Technology
Shannon Famosi

I knew that merging with the Agile team would be the right move, as it was evident that the Agile team embodied the core values that are so near and dear to me and my team. We truly have amazing people who are authentic, possess high ethical standards and strive for excellence, which breeds a culture of success! The Agile team celebrates our wins collectively and we encourage and motivate one another to be our best every day.


Vice President
Clint – Cropped & Edited

The Agile team supports each other in so many wonderful ways. I know I can always throw out a question and get solid advice from several people. Even being in a new market based in Austin, TX I know the whole Agile team has my back and is rooting for me. This past year at Agile has been my favorite year in the industry.


Vice President

There are many things I love about working at Agile! The culture is completely unmatched by anywhere else and I absolutely love being in an environment where I thoroughly enjoy coming to work each day. My teammates are a huge part of that and I’m so thankful to be able to work in a collaborative environment where everyone strives to have the same goal: to be successful!


Managing Director

Working for Agile has become one of the greatest opportunities for me! It’s so nice to come into an office everyday where everyone has the same end goal – to be successful! My favorite part about being at Agile is the fact that I have such an amazing team to work with on a day-to-day basis. It’s an awesome feeling to have a team who encourages you and pushes you to do your best!


Director of Operations
Wendy professional-crop

After knowing Tricia for many years, having the opportunity to work for her is a dream come true. Agile's culture is one-of-a-kind in the fact that everyone supports each other's professional and personal goals to ensure that we work to grow together. I can honestly say I love coming to work everyday!


Human Resources Manager

In my opinion, the culture which is built on trust, and the can-do attitude is what makes Agile successful. It is so great to work with a positive team that works together to hit group and individual goals.


Sales Manager

Agile truly encourages innovation, efficiency and working smarter verses harder - very positive and happy environment with people focusing on doing good and not just looking good. Definitely the most unique company I've ever worked for that has the best reputation in town.


Lead Account Executive
Amy Stover Headshot 2 crop

Throughout my interview process with Agile I could sense the inclusive culture immediately. The entire team is so helpful and encouraging! Even though I am part of the Austin branch and not sitting in Atlanta, I have never felt like an outsider. Everyone is rooting for one another and truly wants the best for every individual. The culture here makes you want to strive for success to contribute to such a great established team.


Senior Account Executive

Agile is a company where you are sure to feel welcome and at ease as soon as you walk in the door. The office, team, and overall culture offer an environment you don’t come by often. Becoming a part of the Agile family has truly exceeded my expectations and I’m looking forward to what else is in store.


Senior Account Executive
Claire Dundore Headshot-crop

Claire Dundore

Senior Account Executive

Two things that make Agile stand out are its unique culture and the goal-oriented leadership team. The work environment is fun, competitive, and most of all supportive. Leadership works with you to craft personalized goals tailored to your individual ambitions. The opportunities at Agile are limitless.

Shauna George

Business Development Executive
Ben – Cropped & Edited – Final

There's just something 'different' about Agile. Since day one, I've been incredibly impressed with the people-first culture cultivated by the impressive leadership team. They've been able to provide and establish a healthy, competitive atmosphere, while also being invested in the success and happiness of all employees, both professionally and personally. I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this team! To say that I am grateful for Agile and what this company and team have done for me would be an understatement.


Recruiting Team Lead

Being a Marine Corps veteran, it is very important to me to be part of a team which strives for excellence while upholding the values of this great country. After meeting Tricia and the Agile team, and witnessing the culture first-hand, it was clear they embody everything I was looking for.


Principal Recruiter

The thing I love most about working for Agile is their ``people-first approach``. It's obvious to me that taking great care of both their internal employees as well as their consultants is their top priority.


Principal Recruiter

Leadership in any organization is paramount. Agile is led by a strong, values-based CEO who consistently makes rational and partner-focused decisions which create a true 'win/win' with clients.


Lead Technical Recruiter
Anna crop edit

I absolutely love how the entire team at Agile genuinely encourages one another to work harder and be the best they can be. It’s so rewarding to work for a company that thrives on strong relationships, continuous growth, and unending success.


Lead Technical Recruiter
Alex Hunter

Since joining Agile, I have had a good professional journey. The 7+ years I have been with the company have been the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. Agile provides a good platform for career growth where hard work is recognized and the work environment is first class.


Lead Technical Recruiter
Courtney Hovis – crop edit

Coming from a background in the medical field, joining a company with a relationship-focused mindset was important to me. I love the fact that Agile treats its candidates and clients with the same respect that it treats its own employees with. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work for the best staffing firm in the market.

Courtney Hovis

Senior Technical Recruiter
Emily Sanner 1 – crop 2

Working for Agile has been so rewarding! The team is so supportive and works together to make sure everyone is successful. Leadership is super knowledgeable and constantly provides learning opportunities for recruiters to grow. Overall, the culture is unmatched!


Technical Recruiter
Alissa Edit Crop 2

Since day one at Agile, I have been blown away by the support of this incredible team! I love working for a company that makes it a priority to hire people whose values all align with working hard, encouraging/supporting others, and striving to be the best version of themselves. I'm so thankful to work for the best staffing agency around!


Technical Recruiter
Adam – 1(4)

At Agile, I am surrounded by team members who truly enjoy challenges, enjoy supporting others, and embrace the personalities of those around them. I’m very lucky to be part of the team.

Adam Frazer

Technical Recruiter

I enjoy working at Agile because everyone is extremely supportive, and it’s apparent they want you to succeed. Leadership promotes a great environment for learning and career growth. Everyone is so savvy and smart, but also humble. The culture and people make Agile a great place to be!

Lisa Sanderson

Technical Recruiter
Lexi May Headshot


Technical Recruiter

My first day on the job, Matthew said “culture is creating an environment where people are respected, can speak their mind, and cause change”, and I immediately knew I made the right choice joining this team! It's so refreshing and rewarding to be a part of a team that genuinely encourages and supports one another.

Ciara Nasuti

Technology Marketing and Sales Enablement Specialist

I came to Agile after a long period of uncertainty and stress working in education and found a calm and an uplifting work environment. My favorite part of Agile so far is the fact that I smile at work and don’t feel completely drained when I get home – I still have the energy to work on my own goals and spend time with the important people in my life. I feel extremely lucky to work with the people here and I’m excited to see where Agile takes me!


Administrative Assistant

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