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Meet Our Team

Agile’s IT recruiters and staff are committed to our clients, our candidates and one another. We deliver more than top talent – our aim is to provide a positive experience every day to everyone with whom we work. Get to know our team, and then explore our Atlanta IT staffing services and how we support job seekers

I love coming to my office every day and working with people who are as committed to the success of our clients and team as they are dedicated to their own success. Our culture has a strong foundation built on trust and accountability and it’s a great feeling to know we can lean on each other to succeed.

Tricia Dempsey

I came to Agile because of the great people and the culture of trust that has been built by the leadership team. The work environment is second to none and it makes coming to work every day a pleasure. I quickly found out that the people at Agile are very caring and want you to succeed.

Matthew Marini

Branch Director
I am very fulfilled with my work at Agile. I am able to work with a close, talented team who make me want to be better every day. I am free to express my ideas, thoughts and concerns in all areas. I can truly say I've found a home here! 

Amy Langley

Manager of Operations and Marketing
Agile truly encourages innovation, efficiency and working smarter verses harder - very positive and happy environment with people focusing on doing good and not just looking good. Definitely the most unique company I've ever worked for that has the best reputation in town.

Stephanie Rowan

Account Executive
In my opinion, the culture which is built on trust, and the can-do attitude is what makes Agile successful. It is so great to work with a positive team that works together to hit group and individual goals.

Leslie Stalder

Account Manager
kim angle lead technical recruiter
I have spent over 6 years with Agile because we aren’t like other agencies. What is most important, for us, is to be an advocate for our candidates and clients.  Strong relationships are the foundation of our success.

Kim Angle

Lead IT Recruiter
Leadership in any organization is paramount. Agile is led by a strong, values-based CEO who consistently makes rational and partner-focused decisions which create a true 'win/win' with clients. 

Bric Rowan

Lead IT Recruiter
Being a Marine Corps veteran, it is very important to me to be part of a team which strives for excellence while upholding the values of this great country. After meeting Tricia and the Agile team, and witnessing the culture first-hand, it was clear they embody everything I was looking for.

Justin Ellis

IT Recruiter
At Agile, Tricia has built a culture of trust and collaboration. From my very first day in the office, it was evident that everyone was pulling in the same direction. This unified effort creates an excellent environment that makes coming to work each day a pleasure.

Michael Macchio

IT Recruiter
Prior to joining Agile, I spent 10 years in healthcare recruiting. Once I found out that Agile was named a top staffing firm in Atlanta, I knew this is where I wanted to call home. Tricia is an amazing leader who’s created a work environment where we all strive for excellence everyday. At Agile we strongly believe that great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people!

Monique Kimes

IT Recruiter
Coming to work at Agile you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals who want to see and help you accomplish your goals. We’ve really built a strong foundation with trust and integrity, giving everyone the opportunity to succeed.

John Gunther

IT Recruiter

Michael Newman

IT Recruiter
I had the wonderful opportunity of interning here at Agile. When it became time to accept a full-time position, it was a no-brainer. I’m fortunate to call this place my home, and am consistently amazed by the quality of the people that I have the chance to work with.

Regan Cobb

IT Recruiter
Agile is a company where you are sure to feel welcome and at ease as soon as you walk in the door. The office, team, and overall culture offer an environment you don’t come by often. Becoming a part of the Agile family has truly exceeded my expectations and I’m looking forward to what else is in store.

Falcon Harbison

IT Recruiter
After knowing Tricia for many years, having the opportunity to work for her is a dream come true. Agile's culture is one-of-a-kind in the fact that everyone supports each other's professional and personal goals to ensure that we work to grow together. I can honestly say I love coming to work everyday!

Wendy Frank

Onboarding Specialist
Working for Agile has become one of the greatest opportunities for me! It’s so nice to come into an office everyday where everyone has the same end goal – to be successful! My favorite part about being at Agile is the fact that I have such an amazing team to work with on a day-to-day basis. It’s an awesome feeling to have a team who encourages you and pushes you to do your best!

Taylor Allen

Office Administrator

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Agile offers opportunities for IT recruiters, account managers, and support team staff. Learn more about careers with our company, our history, and our IT staffing firm’s values.

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