Best Practices When Using Glass Door

If you haven’t heard of or used Glass Door before, here’s the quick intro – Glass Door is a website used for companies to post jobs and information about their company, for job seekers to obtain this information, and for future/current/past employees to leave real-life reviews about working with these companies.

It’s important to understand that there are multiple sides to Glass Door: the company, the employee, and the candidate. It has become an important tactic for each to use the powerful site fairly and appropriately, especially in the recruiting industry. Transparency and honesty are absolute key for both sides.

So, from here let’s talk about best practices for all.

Glass Door best practices for companies:

  • Own your profile. We mean this in the simplest of terms. Step 1 of this process is to claim your profile and provide the correct information in all fields allowed.
  • Add photos. People love imagery and they can relate to it. Add real photos of your office space, people at their real desks, company outings, etc. It’s important to show off the real deal here.
  • Be an Open Company. As mentioned before, transparency is key here – it’s the entire purpose of the site! Make sure people are allowed to leave their real experiences and leave honest reviews.
  • Be Responsive. Every company is susceptible to receiving a bad review – it’s just how it goes. Instead of deleting it (which you should never do!), take this as an opportunity to make it right. Start a conversation and ask how you could of made it a better experience. Don’t forget about the good reviews – take the time to say thank you!
  • Keep it updated. If you update an address or phone number – don’t forget to update Glass Door as well. You never know who could be looking for you!

Glass Door best practices for employees (there’s really only one):

  • Be honest. Leave a solid review for your experience with a company – good or bad – it’s the right thing to do!

Glass Door best practices for candidates:

  • Use it. Simple. Glass Door was created for the sole purpose of being a valuable resource to job seekers. It’s a great tool to use to learn more about a company prior to an interview or job application.
  • Visit often. Companies change and update all the time. Using Glass Door frequently is a great way to stay in the know!

For any other questions or comments about best practices for Glass Door, feel free to comment below or contact us today. Also, check out Agile on Glass Door!

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