Key Tips and Guidelines for Creating a Compelling Business/Systems Analyst Resume

  1. Include all your personal contact information including cell, e-mail and profile.
  2. Create a section listing your Core Professional Competencies and summary of experience.
  3. Make sure you list the types of methodologies (i.e. Agile or Rup) and/or processes (i.e. Six Sigma or BPR) you worked on.
  4. If you’re a project manager, list the scope of the project, the budget, how many resources you matrix managed, etc. Also list any tools you used to manage the project (i.e. MS Project).
  5. If you’re a BA, note that you gathered requirements, documented process flows, etc. Also, list any tools you used to manage requirements (i.e. Caliber RM, DOORS, etc.) and/or used to document Process Flows (i.e Visio).
  6. In the experience section of your resume, list your experience in reverse chronological order (i.e. starting with the most recent job). Under each position, identify your employer and the work you did for this job. Be specific about your role in the projects. Make sure you include the main technology types of groups/projects you managed. The potential employer won’t expect you to be a hands-on techie in that technology, but if you managed that type of project and you will be man- aging the same type of group in your next position, you will have an advantage over other potential candidates because you can hit the ground running. If you did hands-on technical work in dif- ferent projects, mention it. This will show employers that they may be able to hire two candidates in one – the techie and the manager.
  7. Make sure you specify which positions were contract. These positions are typically shorter than permanent positions, and this will explain why you were in the position for a shorter time.
  8. Include all your education, certifications, and training.
  9. If you are involved in User Groups or Professional organizations, list them. This will highlight your industry expertise in different areas.
  10. If you have been in the industry for many years, but only want to highlight your relevant management career, then include a summary statement at the end of your experience section highlighting what you did prior to getting into management.

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