Level 1: Are We Just Reactive Recruiting? 

  • Focus: Basic Functionality
  • Questions:
    1. How do you typically identify open positions that need to be filled?
    2. What resources do you use to find potential candidates?
    3. Can you describe your current interview process?
    4. Do you track any data related to your recruiting efforts?
    5. How do you typically communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process?


Level 2: Do We Have A Talent Funnel?

  • Focus: Standardization
  • Questions:
    1. How do you ensure your job descriptions are clear and attract qualified candidates?
    2. Have you diversified your sourcing strategies beyond basic job boards?
    3. Does your interview process follow a defined structure for each role?
    4. What metrics do you use to measure the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts (e.g., time-to-fill, application numbers)?
    5. How do you ensure candidates receive clear communication and feedback during the hiring process?


Level 3: Can We Create A Talent Magnet?

  • Focus: Candidate Attraction
  • Questions:
    1. How does your employer branding strategy attract top talent?
    2. What strategies do you use to build a strong candidate pipeline?
    3. Does your interview process consider cultural fit and potential beyond just skills?
    4. How do you leverage data to optimize your sourcing strategies and interview effectiveness?
    5. Can you describe how you personalize the candidate experience throughout the hiring process?


Level 4: Do We Make Data-Driven Talent Decisions?

  • Focus: Optimization
  • Questions:
    1. How do you use data to tailor your job descriptions to attract ideal candidates?
    2. Can you explain how your multi-channel sourcing strategy aligns with your employer brand?
    3. Do you utilize advanced interview techniques like behavioral interviewing?
    4. How does your use of data analytics predict hiring success and measure candidate quality?
    5. In what ways do you personalize communication with candidates based on their stage in the process?


Level 5: Where Can Our Talent Ecosystem Lead Us?

  • Focus: Continuous Improvement & Innovation
  • Questions:
    1. Can you describe how your workforce planning aligns hiring with future business needs?
    2. How does your recruiting strategy go beyond simply filling positions and focus on building a talent pool?
    3. What methods do you use to continuously improve your interview process based on data and feedback?
    4. How do you leverage predictive analytics to identify high-potential candidates and improve retention?
    5. Can you describe any specific initiatives you have in place to promote diversity and inclusion within your recruiting efforts?