Learning and Leading: Agile Helps a Global Bank with DEI Hiring Goals

At Agile Resources, we are more than just a recruitment agency; we are a learning organization. A few weeks ago, Shauna George, an Account Executive at Agile Resources, received a significant request from her latest client, a leading global player in the banking industry. They asked us to source dozens of candidates to fill their Java Full Stack Engineer positions while also meeting their DEI hiring goals.

Shauna accepted the challenge confidently. Under the guidance of Agile’s HR Leader, Wendy Frank, Agile had already embarked on a journey to understand DEI initiatives both internally and externally for our clients over the past year. Frank had researched and implemented DEI training programs for leadership and inspired the Agile team to initiate their own efforts to support clients with their DEI initiatives. This included the establishment of a DEI best practices team led by Amy Stover.

Learning and Leading 

Stover, a seasoned account manager at Agile Resources, has taken the initiative to form a dedicated DEI team. This team is responsible for gathering best practices from tech industry leaders who have successfully led DEI initiatives in tech-centered companies. Amy is an active member of the Austin chapter of “Latinas in Tech,” an organization that has greatly influenced her understanding of DEI in the tech space. Amy has been able to meet with executives in the Austin tech space to hear stories of failures and successes in diversity hiring. She has been bringing these leaders into workshops with the recruiting and operations teams at Agile so they can learn firsthand from these leaders.

Amy emphasizes the importance of recognizing and appreciating diversity, stating, “A lot of times, people will say, ‘Well, I don’t see color,’ but that can be hurtful for someone of color. We want you to acknowledge that we are different and listen to how that makes us different. It is essential to understand that we may have unconscious biases.” We appreciate the efforts Amy is taking to guide our team to have a better understanding of DEI strategies.

Fundamentals of DEI

As we navigate this journey, we seek guidance from industry leaders and experts. A recent article on Builtin.com titled “How to Kickstart Your DEI Program” provides some valuable insights to get started on your company’s journey. The article emphasizes the importance of measuring DEI within an organization, stating that “what gets measured gets done, and like any other business metric, you need to be able to find your baseline and figure out where you’re currently at.” This approach aligns with our belief that DEI is not just a moral imperative but a business one.

The article also highlights the significance of setting DEI targets and assigning someone the responsibility to achieve them. Freada Kapor Klein, a founder at the Kapor Center and its social impact venture fund Kapor Capital, states, “I cannot think of another area of business where billions of dollars are spent, targets are not reached, and there are no consequences.” At Agile, we are committed to setting clear DEI targets and holding ourselves accountable for reaching them.

Start with Why

When we asked Shauna George why she enjoyed taking on the challenge, she had a lot to say. Shauna comes from a diverse family and didn’t always have the same opportunities as most. George said, “Unfortunately, not everyone’s circumstances are the same, but that shouldn’t limit their potential.” She believes that supporting her clients’ efforts ensures that future generations of talent will have access to opportunities that align with their career goals. George considers herself fortunate to have had professors who coached her on interview skills and resume writing, but she acknowledges that this is not the norm. Outside of work, George volunteers with organizations like the South Florida Tech Hub to help aspiring tech professionals receive support as they find their way into the tech industry.

Looking to the future

As the tech industry continues to evolve, the demand for diverse talent will only increase. Agile Resources, with its commitment to learning and proactive approach to DEI, is well-positioned to meet this demand. Our work is not solely about filling roles; it is about shaping a tech industry that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable. As the Builtin.com article concludes, “if DEI is built into the core values of a company, it empowers employees to take on that change agent role.” We are committed to making this a reality at Agile and helping our clients pursue the same vision.