The 411 on Personality Problems in the Office

Work environment is extremely important no matter what company you work for.  But in order to have a healthy work environment, the right people with the right attitudes must be a part of it.  Picture your current work environment.   Are all your fellow employees happy and healthy?  Or are you in denial that you may in fact have one of the three personalities listed below in your workforce.  Perhaps these personality types might even belong to you.  Let’s first identify these personality types and seek solutions that can be applied to better your overall work experience.

Negative Nellie

Description: This employee is as it sounds; extremely negative.  The important aspect to note is that they are extremely resistant to change due to anxiety and fear of the company’s future.  They might be the one to constantly remind the staff of past failures when a new idea emerges.

Solution:  This type of employee needs one thing and one thing only; reassurance.  Give this person reassurance of the successes of your company to motivate them.  It’s also been said that to pair this extremely negative individual with an optimistic person, although risky, can benefit your company.

Chatty Cathy

Description: This employee is the office gossip.  They can talk a mile a minute and will do so if no one stops them.  If any drama develops in the company this individual will spread this information within minutes.

Solution: Give this employee something positive to talk about.  When this “chatty cathy” feels as if he/she is in the know first they will feel successful.  Tell them news about the company’s success or recent personal successes.

Anti-Social Andy

Description: Sadly this employee also exists in some work environments.  This employee avoids social events or company outings.  He/she finds comfort in being by their lonesome, and will most likely be less apart of the company’s team as a result of it.

Solution: Encourage this employee to attend these team events.  Being together outside of the office is one of the best times for team bonding.  And if this just so happens to be you, push yourself out of your own comfort zone for the betterment of your company; you won’t regret it.

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