Mentors 101

Finding a mentor in any fraction of your life can be beneficial, but the importance of a work mentor is one of the most rewarding experiences.

What makes a mentor?

A mentor doesn’t have to be the oldest person in the room; sometimes the youngest of people can bring a lot to the table, so choosing a mentor is extremely important.  Perhaps, this individual has been at the company longer, or excels in areas you might need work in, the reasons to choose a certain mentor are endless.  Yet, one thing holds true; this person should be able to relate to you on some level.

Having a mentor is humbling

You’re not perfect.  Everyone knows this, and if you didn’t, I hate to be the barrier of this unfortunate news.  Being imperfect at home, at work, etc. is all just a part of life.  Having a mentor that is more knowledgeable than you in other areas can be extremely humbling, yet motivating.  Seeing how successful this mentor is at your company is a key source for motivation.  So with this being said, when given the chance to have a mentor, absorb all the information you possibly can.

Having a mentor is rewarding

Mentoring has been proven to increase work and overall success. With the passing of knowledge between you and your mentor don’t forget to retain what you have learned.  You too will eventually have your very own mentee.  Understanding that the mentor and mentee relationship is a constant cycle can give a company the push they need to achieve greatness.


Agile focuses on providing new employees with a mentor program.  This has been beneficial to our company as a whole, and we highly encourage it.  To learn more about how we train/mentor our employees contact us today!

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