What’s Hotter Than Hot? The IT Industry

Did you dream about wanting to be a doctor or surgeon when you were younger?  If so, take a second and think about your reasoning behind this; was it the rewarding feeling of helping people or simply the reward itself: money?  If you answered yes to both, this is ok.  No one is judging you. We live in a world that is fascinated with this idea of anything green.  But did you know that the medical industry actually has a strong income competitor these days?  That’s right party people, the IT industry happens to be one of the largest and most booming industries in existence.  The top 5 average salaries of IT are listed below.

Cybersecurity professionals

  • Average income: $115k

Mobile engineers

  • Average income: $95k

UX designers and developers

  • Average income: $80-85k

Network engineers

  • Average income: $70k

Web and product developers

  • Average income: $65k

Now, such high average salaries require extremely skilled individuals.  We here at Agile have been given the chance to work with these individuals and it is simply eye-opening.  If you know anyone with these skills feel free to reach out to us, or if you yourself are interested in the hottest of all industries, IT, let’s connect!

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