We Want YOU to Join the IT Industry

Do you feel stuck in your current job or industry?  Do you long for a fast and exciting pace? Tired of the twenty questions game that just started?  Bottom line is the IT industry might be calling your name.  IT stands for Information Technology and is the backbone for many products encountered on a regular basis.   If this field even remotely interests you, keep reading. Here are three primary reasons why you should join the ever-exciting field of IT:

  1. High Paying Salaries

OK you can’t lie and say money doesn’t matter because let’s face it, it does.  The IT industry is one of the highest paid industries (and you don’t need to go to medical school).  Average salaries for this type of industry range from 50k to 200k. Not to mention, the Atlanta area has an average salary of 140k. It’s important to note that these salaries begin to increase as your experience increases.  The sky’s the limit!

  1. High Demand

Unlike other fields, there is a constant demand for employees that specialize in IT. Here at Agile, clients are constantly looking for more employees to work at their company.  The IT industry is in fact one of the only true industries looking to hire.  Take that recession!

  1. Variety of Jobs and Skill Sets

Complaining that you weren’t a “techie” in school?  Take a deep breath because the industry of IT actually encompasses a variety of jobs.  Software developers, Network Engineer, and Tech support are just a few to name.  These jobs provide unique skills and experiences.  It’s also common for individuals to attain different certifications to transfer from job to job.

Now if this post didn’t send you straight to LinkedIn looking for a Tech job, we here at Agile would love to speak with you!  We are experts at hooking IT employees to IT employers.  We might just become your best friend too.  Contact us today!

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