Culture is Key

Did you know that there are over 155 million Americans who work every day? And did you know roughly 70% of these working individuals are completely disengaged from their work? These numbers can come as quite a shock.  Now granted, this is not a well-known epidemic like world hunger or global warming, but it sure seems like a life altering issue that we should all be aware of.  While these numbers can be scary, fear not, there happens to be a simple, harmless solution: create a healthy work culture at your company.

Work culture is the concept defined by the employee’s fundamental attitudes and the company’s overall beliefs.  In order to develop a healthier work culture, a number of tasks can be performed, but first let’s start with the basics.

Treat individuals how you would like to be treated.  Tired of mom saying this? Even if you’re one-hundred-years-old, this cliché statement reins truth.  From the CEO of the company to the janitor, every individual has a purpose.  Treat all with outmost respect and your culture will deeply improve.

Create connectivity within the work place.  Unlike common belief, life is not always a dog-eat-dog world.  For whatever the reason, you chose this job and so did the ten or even twenty people you encounter on a regular bases.  Create relationships and motivate people around you.  Understanding the views of others you work with can not only improve overall work culture, it can teach you a thing or two about empathy.

Learn to laugh at work.  There has always been this stigma behind the serious nature of work; you can’t smile, you can’t smirk, and you certainly can’t laugh.  Hate to burst this bubble, but this stigma is thankfully not true.  Life is funny so learn to laugh at yourself and laugh with others. Laughter releases endorphins, lowers stress and tension, and lowers blood pressure.  So why not let out that cackle in the office? It’s certainly healthy!

Now again these are just a few easy tactics that a company can stress, but the list goes on.  Here at Agile we focus on making work culture a priority.  To learn more about our unique work culture or to even join our team of it contact us today!

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