How McKesson reduced time to hire by 30% and doubled productivity

McKesson is a health care services company that has been dedicated to helping its customers deliver high-quality health care for more than 175 years. With software and hardware technology installed in more than 70% of the nation’s hospitals, the company requires a highly-skilled, committed IT staff with a passion for providing integrated health care services and solutions.


However, like many leading technology companies, they were finding it difficult to source people with the right skill sets and personalities to fit well within their work environment. When the company realized that acquiring a Regional Commissions Analyst was vital to completing a new 6 month project, they decided that they didn’t have time to risk hiring the wrong person. Instead, they turned to Agile to find the right candidate.

The Agile Solution:

When McKesson teamed up with Agile, they were very clear about the type of IT skills their position required. However, Agile’s experienced recruiters knew that they would have to dig a lot deeper than pure technical skills to find the perfect candidate for the job. As part of their comprehensive profiling process, their team asked specific questions that would help them truly understand McKesson’s business and company culture. The team worked hard to get to the bottom of the hard and soft skills that the ideal candidate would need to possess in order to meet McKesson’s needs.

Once Agile’s recruiters determined which qualities were vital to the success of their project, they located their top three candidates and sent resumes to Sally immediately.

They have very good follow-up,” says Sally, Manager of Sales and Incentive Operations for McKesson.  “My recruiter got back to me within a day or two and sent over the best resumes. What’s great is that I really didn’t have to interview people that I didn’t think could handle the job. This seems like a small thing but believe me, it’s important.”


Reduced Time to Hire by 30%

Although the average length of recruitment time for temporary IT professionals ranges from 3 to 5 days, Agile was able to find McKesson’s ideal candidate within 48 hours. There was no need to spend valuable time searching through countless resumes or on unnecessary interviews.

Doubled Productivity

McKesson’s new hire not only completed his training in record time but doubled the productivity they expected for that position. “The candidate that we hired was originally supposed to back build for an analyst,” says Sally. “However, in addition to a strong background in compensation, he could also build databases and was very familiar with Access. This meant that we could also utilize his expertise to streamline our processes. Receiving these additional software skills was a huge benefit.  He exceeded our expectations.”

Increased Efficiency

Because their project had a strict 6 month schedule, McKesson was able to fully maximize their resource and ease the burden on other members of their department. The added time they saved allowed them to get more done with fewer people.

“Agile’s greatest strength is that they really listened to me,” says Sally. “They didn’t waste time. They just brought us the best people. There was a demand and they filled it.”

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