Recruiting and Managing the Millennial Generation

The generations preceding Millennials have shown signs of both struggle and compromise with our newest generation when it comes to the workplace. Some similarities include seeking job security and variety, wanting challenging and rewarding work, and wanting to work for a company they are proud of and loyal to. These things have allowed Millennials to filter into a non-Millennial workplace with ease, however what about the differences? These differences have seemed to outweigh the similarities creating tensions and unfavorable work environments.

According to, Millennials currently make up 28.7 percent of the U.S. population making them the largest generation to date. This means that one day soon, they will be the dominating generation in the workplace as well. For this reason it’s important older workers understand and adapt to our new workforce in order to maintain success and growth.

So, let’s start with getting them in the door. How do you recruit the top talent that the Millennial generation has to offer? Let’s start with a few tips:

  1. Social media: Why not start where most Millennials are living – the internet. By creating and maintaining Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn company profiles, companies are better able to find and identify candidates, and this also gives the Millennials a chance to find you. But don’t stop there – add a real name and face behind the corporate social media accounts and let them get to know a real person when it comes to next steps.
  2. Keep selling your company and follow up: We now have a candidate-centric market where companies are no longer holding all the cards in the employment landscape. This is something proactive companies need to embrace as they move forward with the hiring process, especially when it comes to the younger generation.
  3. Build relationships with Millennials before they enter the job market: Offering internships, having your company attend undergraduate job fairs, and, again, having a strong online presence are key ways to build a relationship with a Millennial before they are even ready to accept a job offer.

OK, so now you’ve recruited and hired an A-player Millennial – now it’s time to manage and lead them. There is a constant struggle in today’s work force with Millennials and those above them. As a more experienced professional it becomes a priority to bridge the gap and bring all members of the team onto the same page, no matter their generational standpoint. Consider these tips when working with Millennials:

  1. Understand them: Do your best to understand and address what tensions the generational differences may be causing. Look into what they want and how these differ from the wants of older workers.
  2. Help them grow: Work to understand their personal and professional goals. You could start by giving them more rotational responsibilities and projects. This will start to show them that they are moving towards goals and gaining a variety of experiences.
  3. Let them know how they’re doing: Millennials seek frequent feedback. Unlike those of older generations who are set in the way of quarterly or annually reviews, Millennials want to have their performance evaluated more frequently. Start by giving them honest feedback in real time.

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