Should I Use a Headhunter to Find an IT Job?

Agile is a technical recruiting firm, and so we believe that most candidates will have greater success finding the right job working with us instead of on their own. We help skilled IT professionals earn better compensation, avoid common job search headaches, and find opportunities that aren’t publicly available.

If you’re asking, “Should I use a headhunter?” chances are good that you’re thinking about the potential downsides as well as the advantages. So, let’s look at the biggest concerns you may have and address them. While we can’t speak for all recruiting firms, this is how Agile works, and this is why job seekers rely on us.

“Using a headhunter will cost me money or decrease my salary.”

Job seekers do not pay fees of any type to use Agile’s services. Instead, employers compensate us for providing them with candidates.

Also, working with Agile’s IT recruiters won’t decrease your salary. The employers we support are looking for the best talent — not the cheapest. Agile has represented thousands of professionals over the years, and we’ve consistently helped them increase their overall compensation. We can assist you by:

  • Providing advice and statistics about the compensation you should expect based on recent reports, historical data, and current market trends. (Learn here about other stats our Atlanta headhunters have compiled)
  • Serving as your advocate to the employer. We can explain to companies why you’re worth paying more.
  • Discussing additional benefits that the employer can add to improve your compensation package. While not every company can afford to pay 110% of the market rate, many can include remote work, flexible hours, and more time off to make up the difference.

“I’ll have more of a chance of getting an interview by applying directly with the employer.”

Maybe you’re asking, “Why should I use a headhunter?” when you could just apply to a company on your own. One big reason is that not every open position is listed publicly.

Agile frequently fills jobs for employers that don’t post their positions. When we have a long-standing relationship with the employer, its hiring manager may ask us to refer candidates instead of conducting a massive search. When this happens, working with a recruiter can be extremely valuable to a job seeker.

“I want to be in control of my job search.”

You should be in control of your job search. When you partner with Agile, here’s how we ensure it:

  • We will only reach out to employers on your behalf with your written permission.
  • We will only submit your resume to a position with your approval.
  • We won’t contact you about jobs that don’t exist or that don’t fit your skills.

Among the reasons that employers hire Agile is that we value long-term relationships. Delivering the resumes of ill-qualified candidates or candidates that aren’t interested in a position wouldn’t serve that purpose, and dealing in bad faith just isn’t in our IT staffing firm’s DNA.

“If the headhunter has lots of candidates, how can he or she represent me effectively?”

When you’re trying to decide if you should use a headhunter, it helps to put things in context.

Whether you apply to a position directly or are represented by a firm like Agile, there will be filters between you and getting an interview. For example, if you apply directly, you might be removed from consideration because of:

  • A position might have received many applicants, and yours may have come too late.
  • An algorithm might have looked for certain traits in the submitted resumes and not found them in yours.
  • Lack of clarity. The employer’s recruiting manager might have wanted someone with cloud experience and didn’t recognize that “AWS experience” on your resume meets this standard.

In each case, you could be qualified for a position but never get proper consideration.

Personal attention is a major reason why you should consider using a headhunter. Agile refers a limited number of carefully reviewed candidates for each position — typically two to three. Companies want us to identify the professionals we believe best fit the job. If your goal is a senior-level position, we’re not going to waste your time or an employer’s submitting you for a more junior role. (Explore our article on how to become a senior software engineer)

By sharing your resume in a limited field, we can help you stand out from the mass of applicants that might apply directly. We’ll also do everything we can to help you get the most from your job offer. Advocating for job seekers and guiding businesses has been a major reason for Agile’s success throughout its years in business.

If you are still wondering, “Should I use a headhunter for my search?” start with a conversation. Get in touch with Agile, and we’ll answer any questions you have about the next step in your career.

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