The Five Highest Paying IT Jobs

This year is bringing an increased demand for many IT skills and jobs, which is leading to an overall increase in IT job salaries. It’s clear that this industry is on a steady growth plan and that isn’t going to be changing anytime soon! After comparing existing job titles and salary analytics, shared their information regarding the current highest paying IT jobs:

  1. Data Architect – salary median: $100,717. This is the perfect job for math lovers! You must be able to visualize numbers in order to accurately translate the data. This role can also be referred to as Data Modeler, which is exactly what they do!
  2. Systems Analyst – salary median: $96,207. This position deals directly with solving technical problems. It can often be split into business and application fields.
  3. Database Administrator – salary median: $87,330. Database Administrators, or DBAs, take the lead on all things to do with data entry. They make sure everything is consistent, secure and accessible between all systems for the organization.
  4. Web Applications Developer – salary median: $78,568. It’s safe to say this type of position is the reason we are all able to access and browse the Internet. Web Developers use complex practices to create websites and pages.
  5. Security Administrator – salary median: $69,797. If you spend most of your time in front of a computer, then this is the perfect role for you! Security Admins are responsible for making sure all server activity is running smoothly.


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