Good Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

One of the biggest factors in any typical job interview can be the type of questions you ask your potential employer. Asking intellectual, compelling questions is essential only only for you to get all the information about the job, but to show the hiring manager your level of interest and expertise. When preparing for your next interview, no matter the role, consider asking the following questions:

How does your company measure success?

It’s important to know how to achieve accomplishments, and how they are translated within the organization. This question helps you get off on the right foot!

What would be expected from me in my first month, three months, year?

Setting the expectation for your potential role and employer up-front helps determine whether this is the right position and company for you early on in the interview process.

What are three primary responsibilities in this role?

Written job descriptions summarize a role pretty efficiently, but once you have the chance to speak with someone directly, you can really get a good feel for the exact expectations of the position. Take the chance!

How would our roles interact? What would I be doing that makes your job easier?

This question helps define further expectations and responsibilities that may be below the surface. It will also give you insight into the type of relationship you will have with the direct manager.

What are the growth and development opportunities for me at this company?

This is a good question to determine your career path and also show the hiring manager you are looking at this as a long term opportunity.

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