Podcast: The Top Reasons Why Your AI Adoption Will Fail

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In this enlightening discussion, Clint Hawkins from Agile converses with Numa Dhamani and Ben Herndon from KungFuAI, shedding light on the common pitfalls organizations face when diving headfirst into AI adoption. From the dangers of being swayed by the allure of “shiny” AI solutions without a clear use case to the significance of a problem-driven approach, this podcast delves deep into the nuances of AI implementation. Ben Herndon draws parallels between the early internet days and today’s AI landscape, warning against the superficial urgency to adopt AI without a solid strategy. The conversation also touches upon the importance of organizational alignment, the critical role of data quality, and the challenges in transitioning from AI models to products. Tune in to discover key insights and expert advice on ensuring the successful adoption of AI in your organization.