Agile Tech Town Hall: Overcoming Fears of Adopting Large Language Models

We invite you to join us on May 25th at 12pm EST for our next Agile Tech Town Hall webinar, where Agile’s VP, Clint Hawkins, will host a conversation with two renowned experts to explore how to overcome the fears of adopting large language models and how to find safe value in them for your enterprise tech environment.

We’ll be joined by special guests Sukant Ghosh and Michael Wharton.

Sukant is the host of the TestingAI YouTube channel @testingai. Sukant is a leading expert on large language models and will share his insights on how to use them safely and effectively in enterprise tech environments.

Michael, a Principal Machine Learning Engineer and Associate Director for KungFuAI, has been leading clients through the adoption of AI technologies for the past four years. He is a former Space X engineer and true innovator.

Here are the top 3 things you’ll learn:

1️. What are large language models and how do they work?

2️. How can large language models be leveraged in your enterprise tech environment?

3️. What are emerging best practices to use large language models safely and effectively?

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Please contact Clint Hawkins at if you need any help with registering for this event.